Proper PCB Layout – DDR2, 3, 4, etc.

Instructor: Rick Hartley

June 7, 2022

1:00 pm – 3:30 pm EST

The majority of today’s digital systems utilize double data rate (DDR) memory. The advantages are many, mostly that we get twice the amount of information transfer per given “clock frequency.” More data transfer without increased signal integrity or EMI risk: Fabulous! Over the years, guidelines and rules have been developed, attempting to ensure DDR bus structures function as intended. Unfortunately, many rules are overly conservative and require excessive restrictions in PCB layout, adding time and cost to PCB design. Worse, these restrictions can add layers and cost to the PCB itself.

This presentation will focus on identifying reasonable rules and guidelines, as well as proper PCB layout concepts to ensure that DDR structures function as intended without adding extra time or cost to the project.

This seminar is not commercial and will not promote any specific brand of ECAD software.

Who should attend?
PCB Designer/Design Engineer, System Designer, Hardware Engineer

Target audience: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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