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PCB2Day is a series of workshops on electronics design and manufacturing, brought to you by UP Media Group, producers of PCD&F/Circuits Assembly and PCB West.


For questions, please contact Alyson Corey, acorey@upmediagroup.com


$850 workshop fee ($750 early bird through March 3)
  • Lunch included both days
  • Morning and afternoon breaks included both days
  • Class notes and slides
  • Completion certificate for professional development hours

2020 Dates & Locations:

TWO Workshops in Austin, TX

Hilton Garden Inn Austin Downtown

March 24 – 25, 2020

SMT Assembly Boot Camp with Phil Zarrow

This SMT electronics assembly class is a practical overview of the many different processes and materials used in through-hole and surface mount technologies (SMT). It is a focused, two-day long class, which provides students with the opportunity to learn and understand the processes, tools, and materials used in today’s manufacture of electronic assemblies.

The course combines lecture, videos and discussion and is intended for those that are new to electronics assembly and want to come up to speed on the processes, materials, equipment and procedures.

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March 26 – 27, 2020

Design Essentials for PCB Engineers with Susy Webb

Engineers designing their own boards will need to understand and use the same science that seasoned PCB designers have built up over many years. For example, the way parts are built, or a board is designed can make a huge impact on the ease of fabrication and assembly, just by the practices put into place while working. Those practices can increase yields and lower the cost for all, and this two-day workshop starts with thoughts about that. There are many ways to place parts on a board, but some work much better than others for the physics, electrical and mechanical purposes. We will discuss the order of placing parts, setting up routing, and placement ideas that will lead to better flow.

On Day 2, fine-pitch BGAs will be examined. Their size and pitch make them increasingly challenging to work with, as do the signal integrity and EMI issues that come along with them. We will look at through-hole and HDI examples for fanout, grid and routing information, and their specific manufacturing needs. In the last section we will delve more into the science of how everything works together by discussing the electronics and physics, controlling impedance and high-frequency energy, and stack-up and power issues. There will be examples of how a signal’s field energy actually flows through layers of the board, and steps to take when routing signals through the board. The workshop will conclude with a brief discussion of autorouting vs. hand routing.

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Dates and/or location subject to change at show management’s discretion.  Neither UP Media Group nor PCB2Day assumes any liability for travel or other expenses related to canceled or postponed events