Control of Noise, EMI and
Signal Integrity in
High-Speed Circuits and PCBs



Rick Hartley, recently retired senior principal engineer at L-3 Avionics Systems, is principal of RHartley Enterprises, through which he consults and teaches internationally. His focus is on correct design of circuits and PC boards to prevent and/or resolve EMI, noise and signal integrity problems. He has consulted with major corporations in the US and 12 other countries. His career has focused on computers, telecommunications and aircraft avionics, as well as automotive and appliance.

Design Essentials for the PCB Engineer

June 11 – 12, 2020
8:30 pm TO 5:00 pm


Susy Webb is a senior PCB designer for the PCB Engineer with 40+ years of experience. Her career includes experience in coastal and oceanographic oil exploration and monitoring equipment, point-to-point microwave network systems, and CPCI and ATX computer motherboards. Webb is a regular speaker at PCB West, IPC Apex Expo and international design conferences and consults for individual companies and Designers Council chapters in several countries. Her presentations discuss practical implementation of complex engineering concepts into board layout, and methods to improve the overall design and flow of printed circuit boards. She is CID certified, and has contributed to PCD&F magazine, the Printed Circuits Handbook, and is a judge for Mentor’s Technology Leadership Awards. Webb is an active member of the IPC Designers Council Executive Board and Education committee, and is a member and past president of its Houston chapter.

SMT Assembly Boot Camp

June 9 – 10, 2020
8:30 am TO 5:00 pm 


Phil Zarrow has been involved with PCB fabrication and assembly for more than 35 years. His expertise includes the manufacture of equipment for circuit board fabrication and assembly of through-hole and surface mount technologies. In addition to his background in automated assembly and cleaning, Zarrow is recognized for his expertise in surface mount reflow soldering technology and in design and implementation of SMT placement equipment and reflow soldering systems. He has held key technical and management positions with Vitronics, Excellon-Micronetics and Universal Instruments, and has extensive hands-on experience with setup and troubleshooting through-hole and SMT processes throughout the world. During his tenure as director of technology development for EMS firm GSS/Array Technology, he was responsible for specifying and setting up medium- and high-speed assembly lines, as well as investigating and implementing emerging and leading-edge technologies, equipment and processes.

Zarrow has chaired and instructed at numerous seminars and conferences in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim, and holds two US patents concerning PCB fabrication and assembly processes and audit methodologies.